A Nice View Can Make Up for a Lot

In real estate, a nice view can make up for a lot. For instance, things like 20-year-old appliances, popcorn ceilings and vinyl flooring can be offset by a decent view. Your home will stand out from the other average homes as long as that view is there. It doesn’t have to be an ocean view or a panoramic view, either. A decent view of trees or city lights can be just as effective a selling tool as granite counters and updated bathrooms. A view can make your home feel larger, it affords more privacy, adds beauty and interest and feeds the soul. All that can translate into tens of thousands of dollars in additional value depending upon the location and the view.

Check out what I mean in this property video below.

Your Home Purchase As a Long Term Investment

Happy Home BuyersI know several people who made money purchasing and “flipping” homes over the past couple of decades here in Orange County. But I know more people who bought a home, lived in it for many years, and made money.  I have always viewed a home purchase as a long-term investment. Home-flipping was never for me. I love the idea of purchasing a home, living in it and growing your family there and then selling. A home can represent security and consistency in a world full of change and inconsistency.

Even if you are an investor, now is still a good time to buy if you are thinking more long term than short term. Home prices are so reasonable here in Orange County, and if you purchase a distressed property, you may stand to make a decent return on your investment sooner rather than later.

But my mother and several of her neighbors in the area where I grew up in Westminster were original owners in 1961 and stayed in their home for decades; many are still living there still! They are reaping the rewards of  their long term investment with stability, security and financial freedom.  So don’t be afraid of making a home purchase right now, especially if you are planning to stay put for several years.

Casta del Sol Community of Mission Viejo

The age restricted community in Mission Viejo features several different home products to choose from all set within a private gated community. Mature landscaping and gently sloping terrain lends a serene rural feel to the neighborhood.  Many homes have views! There are many amenities the residents can take advantage of including a golf course, pools and clubhouse. Lake Mission Viejo is close by.  Interested in viewing homes in this lovely community or just need more information? Call me at 949.525.5905.  You can view all homes available by clicking here.

Consider Casta del Sol in Mission Viejo

Casta del Sol is an age-restricted community (55+) in Mission Viejo that features many amenities like a public golf course, pools, spas, game rooms, etc. There are several types of residences for the prospective homebuyuer to consider and are considerably more affordable than comparable homes outside of this community. I represented a buyer who just recently made a purchase in this community, and she couldn’t be more pleased. It is quiet, the homes are bright and open, the grounds are lovely and the location in central Mission Viejo is ideal.  Are you thinking of downsizing or retiring or simply want to make a lifesytyle change? This may be a good choice for you. For a private tour of homs available for sale, feel free to call or email me: 949.525.5905 or jackie@jackiegibbins.com.