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Buyer Home Purchasing Power

Purchasing a Home Orange County Home Buying

Home Buyers should expect interest rates to rise due to all the current economic changes. While a modest increase may not signal the end of the world, it WILL eat into their purchasing power and the amount of home they can afford. They should take this into consideration when timing their home purchase.

Orange County Real Estate Forecast for 2018

2018 Orange County Real Estate Forecast 2018

2018 is shaping up to be pretty much like 2017 in the Orange County Real Estate Market. We can look forward to 2018 being a strong seller’s market where buyers will need to be patient and persistent and be ready to write multiple offers in order to achieve success.

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

When getting ready to sell, don’t sweat it if you can’t afford to have big upgrades like a brand new kitchen, a new roof, new windows or all new flooring throughout your home. Often, little things can make all the difference to the right buyer.

Remodeled Bathrooms in Orange County

orange county bathroom DIY

Whether you are looking to update a new home purchase or are looking to update to sell, I can always provide tips and information about trends for all types of bathrooms, large or small.

Buyers Are Taking Their Time Shopping

Buyers can now afford to take more time shopping for a home here in Orange County. Naturally there are some exceptions, but for the most part, due to the increased inventory and a more balanced real estate market, buyers can afford to slow down…

Price Reductions

Elegant Home

In the beginning of this year, sellers were surprised by multiple offers well above their asking price. Home values were going up and up, and buyers wanted to secure a property before they wanted to go up even more. So they made offers over…

Rising Inventory in Orange County

Mission Viejo Home Search

As home values increase and it becomes a stronger seller’s market, sellers have begun to realize they can sell their home for more than they thought. In addition, many homeowners who were previously underwater on their mortgages actually have equity now. These types of…

Fun with Remodels

buying a condo

It is fun when I get to see what my buyers do with their homes after they move in to them. Not all purchases are in turnkey updated condition. Sometimes it is best to purchase a home that needs some updating, especially if you…