Beautiful Reflections – Art Glass in a Sunny Window

Garden Windows can sometimes look dated or they may look out toward something unattractive. Or they may light and modern and allow you to enjoy a gorgeous garden! Either way, I love how glass objects bring sparkle and light to these types of windows.

I had a listing that had a big garden window that looked out to a wonderful pool, but it also exposed how close the neighboring home was and how exposed the bathers may be. I didn’t want the eye to go straight to the neighbor’s home, so I filled the west-facing window with colors of the rainbow to attract the eye. It worked!

I also employed this technique in my own garden window at home. i have a nice garden, and I don’t want to fill the window with opaque things that block my view. So I chose various pieces of glass and glass vases to sparsely fill the void. The sun sparkles through the glass in a most beautiful way.

In a dining room with ample light from the patio, I used art glass placed in front of a gorgeous round mirror to reflect other beautiful pieces already in the room. The effect exceeded my expectations!