Make Your Buyer Happy

Nicely Staged Living RoomWhen you get your home ready to sell, try to think how it may look to a potential buyer. Will it be attractive, homey, seem like a good value, etc.? Take into consideration the type of buyer who will come to see it. Will they be young couples, small families, empty nesters, executive couples? Try to stage your home to suit your likely buyer pool. Have it appeal to their sense of what value may be and to what may inspire them to pay the most money for the home. You want them to be able to come in to the home, see themselves living there, and instantly have to have it.
In order for them to see themselves there, you may have to remove parts of yourself from the home. That would be family pictures, personal collections, specific decor and maybe even paint over your favorite color, bright orange. You have to pack the items away anyway, so do it now and you will be that much closer to your new home.