Home Features I Love

Beautiful Courtyard Dana Point HomePeople LOVE different things about homes, and I know the NEEDS of people are different as well when it comes to finding the right home. But I just want to talk about those dream home type of features; features you LOVE.

Some home features are obvious and some are only revealed upon closer inspection.

  • Beautiful curb appeal is something important to me.
  • A location on a single-loaded street is also very desirable.
  • Plenty of room to park your car is awesome so you don’t have to constantly worry about guests or family members’ parking needs.
  • A view is essential to me. It extends the living space and often adds privacy.
  • Plenty of natural light inside the home adds warmth and life. It lifts the mood and cuts the electric bill.
  • A family kitchen at the heart/center of the home where all can gather and feel nourished adds to quality of life in the home.
  • Decent separation between adjacent homes is needed. I love my neighbors, but everyone wants their privacy at times.
  • A spacious yard; one where I can design my dream garden.

Your list of dream home features may be different, but you should make sure the home you buy has a few of them to insure years of happiness at the home you ultimately purchase.