The Old is New – Open Floor Plan

I was watching the Debbie Reynolds movie, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and was enchanted not only by the budding romance of Molly and Johnny, the music and the wide open spaces showcased at the beginning of the movie, but was also charmed by the rustic interior of the cabin that Johnny built for Molly. I immediately noted the simple, rustic open floor plan and noted that this home might just appeal to many buyers today!

The focal point of the cabin was a large stone fireplace where the family could gather. The kitchen was open to the main living area, located opposite the fireplace, and featured a farm sink and window looking out to the view as well as open shelving for storage. A long table with bench seating (much like the style now popular at Pottery Barn, etc.) made dining and family gatherings easy. Some casual seating was arranged near the fireplace and a small pot bellied stove. Two bedrooms were off the main room.

 I am sure at some point someone thought more formal living and compartmentalized rooms made sense in new construction in Orange and LA Counties. But I see where homeowners and buyers of older homes are now opting to remove walls to open up the space and create the great room feel so popular these days. Often the formal living and dining rooms are missing in new construction homes, reflecting the new/old way of living.

I wonder what is “in” now will be old tomorrow and then new again much later.