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Using Paint to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

curb appeal painted porch

Paint is a great DIY and affordable tool to instantly boost the curb appeal of your home. It can add character, whimsy, charm, style and elegance! Plus you can easily update and change it with the seasons.

Behind the Sale: Mission Viejo Home

Mission Viejo Home Kitchen Staging

Today’s buyers tend to have high expectations when they go out looking at homes. That is why I advise my sellers in advance on staging, repairs, marketing, what to expect, etc. This story highlights the process and results.

Beautiful Reflections – Art Glass in a Sunny Window

Art Glass in the Kitchen

Garden windows are the ideal space to showcase a collection of colored glass, vases or bottles. Sun and light will sparkle and shine through, adding beautiful reflections and shine to your home.

Indoor Plants Can Be Cool and Groovy

Indoor Plants Living Room

Indoor plants are not only cool and groovy and making a comeback inside the home; they also add life and beauty to your residence. They complete the picture of a happy home.

Outdoors Orange County

Community Pool at Pavilion Park Irvine

We are so lucky to live in Orange County where we can enjoy the outdoors at almost any time. Take a trip to the beach, or visit the Cleveland National Forest, or simply walk to a local park with a friend. Go outside and play!

Succulents in an Orange County Garden

Afterglow Echeveria and Sunburst Aeonium Succulents

Enjoy the beauty of succulents in your Orange County Garden. Water-wise and low maintenance plants are great center stage or as supporting characters in your garden. Either way, they can’t help but stand out!

Charming Curb Appeal and Entry Gardens

Laguna Niguel Home Courtyard Garden Home on Paseo Del Campo

When out looking at properties, I never tire of viewing what people have done to enhance their entry or curb appeal. From charming cottage to Tuscan-inspired all the way to water-wise dry gardens, they are all beautiful.

Pavilion Park in Irvine

Greenhouse in Pavilion Park Irvine

Pavilion Park in Irvine is a wonderful central park for the residents of the Pavilion Park neighborhood to enjoy.