Perfect Fit for Empty Nesters

Very Cool Smaller Home for Empty Nester - a Perfect FitA spacious four bedroom home or three bedroom home, complete with front and back yards, can be the ideal place to raise a family. BUT…perhaps NOT the ideal place once all the kids have moved out and moved on. Yard work, cleaning and maintenance can be burdensome and take away from entertaining, hobby and fun time for the empty nester. So a move to a smaller home can make a lot of sense.

I have had several empty nester clients voice a concern that moving to a smaller home may seem too cramped or hard to get used to or that they need the extra space, etc. My clients had a lot of furniture, decor and items they had saved over the years, so storage space was a must. How do you strike the right balance between keeping things and still moving to a space more suitable to your current lifestyle? Embracing both old and new? It all starts with exploring your options in the housing market.

Small Home is a Perfect Fit for Empty NesterI always suggest that my clients begin to look at smaller homes and get to see what they have to offer. Folks are often surprised to find that the smaller homes do not feel as cramped as they thought. Oftentimes they are moving to homes that are newer than the ones they currently own and therefore may have more open floor plans, higher ceilings, better amenities, etc. These are all huge pluses to an enhanced empty nester lifestyle. They may be better maintained, may have less deferred maintenance, etc. They usually have smaller yards or perhaps just a deck or patio. This means less outdoor space to maintain, fewer headaches and more time to do things you want to do. So a smaller home can be both practical and beautiful.

There are always trade-offs, but in the end, the goal of a more carefree and enjoyable lifestyle can be yours. Are you or anyone you know ready to move to a home more suitable to your or their needs?  I and my clients have had great success with this kind of transition, and I enjoy helping. Call 949.525.5905.

Getting Organized to Sell Your Home

Home is Ready to SellWhen you’ve lived in it for a long time, getting a home ready to sell can seem daunting. If you are considering selling your home this year, try to get started early. That way, whether you decide to sell or not, your home is organized and easier to maintain.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Stop adding to the clutter. If it is your habit to purchase multiples of sale items, stop! Or, if these are items you use all the time, reduce the number of multiples to no more than you will use in a month or so. Instead of ordering large quantities, place items you use consistently on a schedule for reorder instead. That way, you’re not filling up your shelves and closets with the extras, but you won’t run out either.
  • Plan where things go. Set aside a couple boxes or bags to handle items you plan to give to charity and those you plan to give to family members and set aside what to sell at a garage sale. Consider keeping the boxes or bags in your trunk. That way, as soon as they get full you can deliver them where they need to go. For items that you intend to keep, take them to the location they belong immediately.
  • Store Items in Your GarageChoose one thing. This week, simply choose one thing to organize. It can be a drawer, a closet, a storage bin… It really doesn’t matter what you choose, but make sure it is achievable in one day. So, if your attic is a massive project, don’t start there. Each week (or each day if you’re really motivated) choose another item to organize. Even if it is just your medicine cabinet, organize it by getting rid of expired medicines (take them to your pharmacist for proper disposal), old make-up and items you haven’t used in a couple years.
  • Don’t fear your piles. Sometimes, when you’re in the midst of getting organized, you need to have piles, stacks or other groupings of things that need long-term storage or that you need to deal with. If the item is long-term, you can set it in one of your planning boxes. If it needs to be dealt with soon, choose one evening (or morning) each week to quickly go through and file, mail, respond, etc.
  • Find a way to handle paper. There are a few papers that must be kept: original birth certificates, marriage licenses, contracts, etc., but many items we keep in paper form could be kept digitally in far less space. Consider getting an organizing scanner such as a “NEAT” that can scan and organize receipts, bills, business cards and myriad other paperwork for you.
  • Let go of items you don’t use. Just because Aunt Sally gave you a toaster for your wedding six years ago, don’t let it fill up your counter or cupboard space if you’re not using it. Donate it to a charity that can get it into the hands of someone that will use it. To make certain to protect the sentimental value of the gift, start a virtual scrapbook with images of items you give away, and a short note of who gifted you with the item, a special memory about that person and where you gave the item.

Organizing is just the first step toward getting ready for a sale. I have helped many sellers get ready by performing a “pre-listing walk-through” of their home. I can advise what to organize, what to fix or update, what to store, etc. I have referrals for estate sale experts, cleaners and more. Call me today of you want to get started.

Get Your Home Organized
You can get organized for everyday living, not just as you get ready to move. Wow!


Price Reduced on South Coast Metro Townhome

Village Creek Homes Costa MesaWow! Now is the time to act on this turnkey and updated property in terrific South Coast Metro Costa Mesa location. Just reduced to $350,000. Property is located at 873 Bear Creek in Costa Mesa in the Village Creek tract near Bear and Sunflower. Open floor plan of 1325sf features 3 bedrooms (one on main level) and 2 baths with direct access two-car garage. Has been beautifully updated throughout and is ready for a lucky new owner. Bright and sunny with a great FEEL. Great lifestyle close to everything. Check out the fabulous virtual tour right here.

This would make the ideal first, second or last home. And since it has great updates, light, feel and location, it would make a super investment property.

Come to the OPEN HOUSE this weekend, November 9th from 1-4pm. For more information or for a private tour of this great home, call me at 949.525.5905.

Love for a Smaller Home

Smaller Laguna Niguel HomeYou bought a starter home that gave you entree into the world of home ownership, but now, your requirements have changed … you’ve added a spouse or children, you’ve moved your office home, or you’ve started a hobby that requires more space than you have. Now, you want to sell your beloved home, but all the folks you know are looking for McMansions, or at least something bigger than what you’re selling.

How do you sell a smaller home? Who is your target market?
If you’re in the mode to enlarge your living space, it may surprise you to know that there is a movement afoot promoting downsizing to a smaller home. In fact, smaller homes appeal not just to “starter homeowners,” but to empty-nesters, retirees, and even families that are looking to live a simpler lifestyle.

How do your entice buyers to look at a smaller home?
Here are seven reasons why a small home may be a buyer’s best choice.

  • Uses less energy: a small home, properly insulated, is more efficient with both heating and cooling. A smaller home typically has fewer light fixtures, thereby requiring fewer replacements. And, if you change out regular incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, you’ll be “greening” your home in more ways than one. If your buyers are interested in investing in a home that reduces their carbon footprint, a smaller home may fill the bill. From lower heating and cooling requirements to less water and electricity use, a smaller home on a smaller lot could be just what they’re looking for.
  • Less maintenance: whether re-roofing, replacing exterior siding or painting the interior, a small home costs less to maintain than a larger one. Downsizing can be just the ticket for a busy traveler, commuter or active family. The less time and money spent on housing upkeep, the more that is available for making memories.
  • smaller beach homeLower monthly bills: a small home typically uses less electricity so monthly power bills cost less, and a smaller mortgage and lower insurance costs can improve your bottom line.
  • Easier to keep: cleaning a large home can be daunting. Singles, Baby Boomers, busy small families and others will find that less home to clean is an easy trade-off for the larger space. Minimizing and streamlining chores can relieve stress and lead to more organization and comfort.
  • Great investment: smaller homes make great rental properties. If your buyer does need to upsize later, a smaller home makes a great investment as a rental.
  • Avoid being “house poor”: a smaller, more affordable home leaves more money available for travel, entertainment, hobbies and other pursuits. It allows the owner to set aside money for investments, save for retirement, or upgrade other areas of your life.
  • A smaller home can lead to closer family bonds. The sharing, give-and-take, managing joint closet and storage space, and other cozy arrangements required to live in a smaller home often bring a since of cooperation and joint effort to daily life.

I just staged and sold a one bedroom/one bath home in Laguna Hills in the Quail Creek neighborhood. It sold in less than a week with multiple offers. There is always a market for an affordable first, second or last home! Call me today if you are ready to buy or sell a small home.

Smaller Home in Mission Viejo