Home Staging

Above are BEFORE AND AFTER photos of several of my listings. BEFORE I staged it, and then AFTER I have staged it.

While it may not be absolutely essential for a home to be professionally staged, it would definitely be helpful for a seller to give some thought to utilizing my “Simple Staging” techniques. It is a service I include as part of my marketing package at no extra cost to the seller.

A professional home stager usually charges for their professional consultation as well as for the temporary installation and use of their inventory while your home is on the market. Often, staging makes a huge difference in time on the market and final selling price, ultimately making it worth the expense to professionally stage your home. However, it is more often the case that a seller can benefit just as much from my Simple Staging. Here is how it works: when you are ready to sell and begin to prep your home for the market, I come up with a room by room plan, keeping in mind your financial and personal limitations. I can work with your home whether vacant or occupied.

My goal is to add the right touches to a home so that it speaks to potential buyers and says just the right thing.

Sometimes the seller will need help with curb appeal. Maybe some dead plants need to be removed and replaced with some colorful attractive plants, especially along walkways and near the front door. I am an avid gardener and can give advice as to choices. Often I will include the purchase and installation of some plants, depending upon how large the job is. I also have many outdoor plants in pots that I use at my listings to add temporary color and interest.

I am happy to discuss in detail what I intend to do and am very flexible. If you live in the home, I understand you need to live there, and you also need to like my changes. So far, I have had no complaints, and most sellers are very happy with a freshened up home and will often ask me to give them the décor I have chosen for their home after close of escrow. Make sure to check out these success stories.

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