A Rug In the Kitchen? Thoughts?

I recently asked a friend of mine how they felt about a rug in the kitchen. I had a large colorful rug in my otherwise white kitchen for a long time. My sister, as well, had a large area rug in hers. But a rug, no matter how lovely, is not always suited for kitchen use.

I liked having a soft covering underfoot as I went from one end of the kitchen to the other. In addition, it was a darker color, so dirt did not show so much. AND it was a relatively inexpensive piece, so I didn’t feel bad if it suffered some war and tear (which it really did not). Plus it added a lot of color in an otherwise plain space. I guess if i grew tired of the color, I could always change it easier than changing cabinets, paint and flooring!

But after I DID change my flooring to a laminate wood, I liked the look of the wood better than old tile, so I got rid of the large area rug. the space looked much bigger without the rug, and clean-up was easier. I missed the soft flooring underfoot, but the trade-off was well worth it.

If you DO decide to use an area rug in the kitchen, make sure you use a pad to avoid slippage, maybe opt for an indoor/outdoor material and understand that it will take more effort when cleaning the kitchen floors.

Quick, Cheap and Easy Fixes That Add Value to Your Home

Can’t or don’t want to do a complete home remodel but want an updated look? I almost always suggest these quick, inexpensive fixes that make a big impact, add lots of value and can look great!

In the Bath: Change out the faucet for something sleek and modern and then add matching drawer and cabinet pulls. While you are at it, install a new towel bar and toilet paper holder.  Have a little extra cash? A new water-saving toilet adds value and SAVES money!  Switching out a dated light fixture adds instant style and beauty. I get lots of comments from buyers saying they hate those older light fixtures.

In the Kitchen: If you have dated or worn cabinets, painting them will bring them up to date as will new drawer and cabinet pulls. And just like in the bathroom, new faucets and lighting go a very long way to saying, “I am new and in good condition!” And if you have a little extra cash, new appliances are well worth the investment. It will look like you did a whole remodel!

Paint: I love a fresh coat of paint and so will you and so will buyers if you are thinking of selling! Paint can freshen up a tired room, lighten a dark corner and add a cohesive look throughout if you stick to one modern neutral color.

Remove and Replace: Any old or outdated details from a bygone era that don’t work for you anymore? Old chair railing or wall paper or mirrored walls are not popular or very attractive. Consider removing them. Have an old wet bar? Maybe re-purpose it by removing old glass shelving and mirrors and simplifying the space into a snack bar or coffee bar.

A new home with more appeal and use value does not have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time and effort. Enjoy!

Using Paint to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You want your home to stand out from the other homes that a buyer may see. You want them to fall in love at first sight! You want to give the impression that the home has style, character, warmth or just that it is well-maintained.  Paint is an easy and quick way to accomplish this!

Paint Your Patio Furniture

Do you have a porch swing or a chair on your front porch? Give it a fresh coat of paint! Add matching throw pillows to make this space even more inviting.

Your Front Door

You can opt to paint your front door a solid color OR make it more custom by stenciling or detailing it. Talk about a focal point!

Your Porch Light

Do you have a porch light stuck in the 1980’s or is simply rusty or faded?  There are several wonderful metallic paints you can use to make it new again. Try copper for a warm, updated look.  Black or dark brown has a more formal look.

Your House Numbers

I created a house number plaque for one of my listings by painting a decorative plaque and then mounting house numbers to it. It was very unique! You can do this or a variation with paint, stencils and materials.  make sure your creation is readily visible from the street!

Shutters and Trim

Add a punch of color to your facade by painting your shutters and trim a new bold color. You can even choose to stencil or detail the shutters to add charm and whimsy.

You can also paint your garage door, paint some ceramic pots to add color and paint window boxes!

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

Buyers these days DO expect to see a property in good shape, and better yet, in model shape. But if it’s not in your budget to update your home that may be slightly stuck in the 1970’s or 1980’s, don’t sweat it! There are lots of little things you can do to make your home put its best foot forward when you are on a budget.

I would say that most homes don’t feature all the latest in decorating and/or updating trends. So if you are selling your dated home, you are in good company! The key is to make your home’s best features and ANY updates stand out as much as possible, and perform a few affordable updates that can breathe new life into your living space.

In a dated kitchen, new appliances will go a long way in making it seem more modern. Plus it will add value in a buyer’s mind; perhaps more value than the cost of installing the appliances. Even new drawer and cabinet pulls are great affordable updates.

In bathrooms, consider installing new vanity lighting and/or new mirrors. New drawer and cabinet pulls are great, too. New faucets can also detract from dated vanities, older cabinets and maybe even wallpaper in that bathroom!

Paint! If you can’t afford to paint the whole house, pick a room or two and paint! Best choice would be to pick a room where new paint would have the most impact; maybe the room the buyer will see first or the kitchen.

Another general word of advice: go with the flow and feel of your home in its current state.

A home stuck in the 1970’s may feel more current if you decorate or at least use colors from the 1970’s.  Fortunately, those colors and the style is in right now. A home from the 1980’s may benefit with some toning down. There may be lots of gold trim and hardware throughout the home. Try and remove and replace as much of it as possible. If there are lots of 80’s pastel colors that can’t be replaced, try and decorate with neutrals and organic pieces.

Change out throw pillows and bedspreads to more neutral/organic ones. Implement classic styles and colors so they don’t clash with any decade. Pack away all the little collectibles that make your home look cluttered. Use just a few quality, larger pieces to decorate with.

And clean, clean, clean! Top to bottom, windows, baths, kitchen, floors; everything should shine like new even if it isn’t.

Have a home like this? I have so much experiencing transforming spaces on a budget! 949.525.5905.