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Yes, You Can Do It Yourself

Painting a Boys Bedroom Green

Home improvement projects like painting a room, installing wood blinds, new door hardware and drapery panels are not tough to do and add lots of value. Plus it can be fun and very rewarding!

Beautiful Reflections – Art Glass in a Sunny Window

Art Glass in the Kitchen

Garden windows are the ideal space to showcase a collection of colored glass, vases or bottles. Sun and light will sparkle and shine through, adding beautiful reflections and shine to your home.

Indoor Plants Can Be Cool and Groovy

Indoor Plants Living Room

Indoor plants are not only cool and groovy and making a comeback inside the home; they also add life and beauty to your residence. They complete the picture of a happy home.

The Old is New – Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan concept and great room feel of homes so popular today is reminiscent of the simple straightforward rustic cabin families enjoyed a century ago.

Don’t Tear Out That Wet Bar Yet! Rethink/Re-purpose It

Coffee Bar Decorating Idea

Maybe it is time to re-purpose that outdated wet bar in your home. Think ‘Starbucks” or your favorite cinema complex to add a coffee bar or snack bar to your home. It can add warmth, value and purpose to an otherwise unused feature of your home.

Happy New Year! 2017 Paint Colors of the Year

Over 55 Homes Rancho Mission Viejo

2017 Paint Colors of the Year are here. Paint companies have made their selections. Plenty to inspire you!

Your Home’s Personality and What It May Be Saying

What type of personality do you think a home should have when trying to attract a buyer? In my opinion, you should take into consideration the neighborhood and what type of buyer may be looking at your home when answering this question.

Keep the Warmth Inside When Staging Your Home to Sell

Comfortable Living Room Orange County

When you decide to sell your home, don’t feel like you have to completely empty it out and make it devoid of any human existence! Maintaining the warmth and livability of your home can help welcome buyers in and invite them to write an offer.