House Plants are Awesome!

I enjoy having lots of house plants in my home, and have learned a lot over the years. I also use them when staging homes for sale. My latest podcast highlights a few of my fave plants that are pretty easy to maintain and a few stories I think you’ll enjoy.

Using Paint to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You want your home to stand out from the other homes that a buyer may see. You want them to fall in love at first sight! You want to give the impression that the home has style, character, warmth or just that it is well-maintained.  Paint is an easy and quick way to accomplish this!

Paint Your Patio Furniture

Do you have a porch swing or a chair on your front porch? Give it a fresh coat of paint! Add matching throw pillows to make this space even more inviting.

Your Front Door

You can opt to paint your front door a solid color OR make it more custom by stenciling or detailing it. Talk about a focal point!

Your Porch Light

Do you have a porch light stuck in the 1980’s or is simply rusty or faded?  There are several wonderful metallic paints you can use to make it new again. Try copper for a warm, updated look.  Black or dark brown has a more formal look.

Your House Numbers

I created a house number plaque for one of my listings by painting a decorative plaque and then mounting house numbers to it. It was very unique! You can do this or a variation with paint, stencils and materials.  make sure your creation is readily visible from the street!

Shutters and Trim

Add a punch of color to your facade by painting your shutters and trim a new bold color. You can even choose to stencil or detail the shutters to add charm and whimsy.

You can also paint your garage door, paint some ceramic pots to add color and paint window boxes!

Beautiful Reflections – Art Glass in a Sunny Window

Garden Windows can sometimes look dated or they may look out toward something unattractive. Or they may light and modern and allow you to enjoy a gorgeous garden! Either way, I love how glass objects bring sparkle and light to these types of windows.

I had a listing that had a big garden window that looked out to a wonderful pool, but it also exposed how close the neighboring home was and how exposed the bathers may be. I didn’t want the eye to go straight to the neighbor’s home, so I filled the west-facing window with colors of the rainbow to attract the eye. It worked!

I also employed this technique in my own garden window at home. i have a nice garden, and I don’t want to fill the window with opaque things that block my view. So I chose various pieces of glass and glass vases to sparsely fill the void. The sun sparkles through the glass in a most beautiful way.

In a dining room with ample light from the patio, I used art glass placed in front of a gorgeous round mirror to reflect other beautiful pieces already in the room. The effect exceeded my expectations!

Indoor Plants Can Be Cool and Groovy

I remember being a teen in the 1970’s. I loved music, the beach, my friends, my cat and I loved plants! I had a few in macrame hangers in my bedroom. I still enjoy having several different types of plants around the house.

Remember Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moore Show? She had a green thumb and wanted to have her own plant business. There were more plant stores then. You could buy plants at the swap meet. Home builders built homes with atriums, large and small, throughout the residence. This continues into the 1980’s, too. Garden windows and greenhouse windows were also a thing. Today, many homeowners opt to remove these. I say, that’s a shame.

Succulents are HOT right now.

Indoor plants bring life into the home. They bring interest and health and beauty into your living space. The mid-century look is very popular these days. Indoor plants played a role in this look. They can be quite hip. Plant up a few in cool pots and place them outside by or in your entryway. Fill up your garden window with herbs or sun-loving water-wise plants.

There is a plant that can meet just about any type of need inside your home and in your entryway. Give them a try.