House Plants in the House!

Even though I have many house plants, I don’t find it too tough to keep them healthy or to decorate with them. I mainly have low maintenance plants PLUS I have a formula that makes my life simple, them look good in my home and with my decor AND ups the level of my enjoyment of them!

My latest free podcast from the crazy plant lady.

Trying Something New…

Life hands us things we don’t expect, and we can choose what we want to do with them. Keeping an open mind helps, and working with what you have been given can often lead to a happy discovery. I, myself, usually try to make the best of things, but have not always been successful.

In the latest episode of my free podcast, I give several examples of what I am talking about. Hoping you can relate and maybe get a laugh or two from my trials.

Balance in Home Decor

Everyone strives to have balance in their lives because it just feels better. If you have balance and harmony in your home decor, your family room or living room might feel better, too!

Balance in color, the harmony of various shapes and materials in each room; it all matters. But what matters most, is how it looks and feels best to you.

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