A Rug In the Kitchen? Thoughts?

I recently asked a friend of mine how they felt about a rug in the kitchen. I had a large colorful rug in my otherwise white kitchen for a long time. My sister, as well, had a large area rug in hers. But a rug, no matter how lovely, is not always suited for kitchen use.

I liked having a soft covering underfoot as I went from one end of the kitchen to the other. In addition, it was a darker color, so dirt did not show so much. AND it was a relatively inexpensive piece, so I didn’t feel bad if it suffered some war and tear (which it really did not). Plus it added a lot of color in an otherwise plain space. I guess if i grew tired of the color, I could always change it easier than changing cabinets, paint and flooring!

But after I DID change my flooring to a laminate wood, I liked the look of the wood better than old tile, so I got rid of the large area rug. the space looked much bigger without the rug, and clean-up was easier. I missed the soft flooring underfoot, but the trade-off was well worth it.

If you DO decide to use an area rug in the kitchen, make sure you use a pad to avoid slippage, maybe opt for an indoor/outdoor material and understand that it will take more effort when cleaning the kitchen floors.