Staging the Living Room to Sell Your Home

Just like the front of the home and the garden is the first thing a buyer sees when they drive up to your home, the living room is usually the first room they see once they come inside. It therefore makes sense that this room should really stand out (in a good way) and make a great first impression on the buyer.

Make sure the buyer can really SEE this room and not see your collectibles, family photos and favorite crazy quilt. Try to minimize the amount of tables, decor, art and bright colors in this room. Rearrange furniture so that the room welcomes you in. Create a conversation area. Don’t hide any great features in the room, like a view, a window seat or architectural details.

When I stage a room, I usually wind up packing away a lot of things and then bring in a few well-chosen coordinating pieces to achieve the look I want that goes with the overall vibe of the home. I take lots of photos to make sure i achieve this. I keep moving things around until I am happy and it feels right and looks right in the photos.