A Few De-Cluttering Projects That Take Less Than an Hour

If you want to de-clutter or clean it can seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done so in many years. It may be a good idea to set a goal for yourself of cleaning one key area at a time. I bet these few areas can be cleaned and cleared in less than an hour. The before you know it, you are finished!

Clear Out a Bookcase: I have done this one. It may be tough to let a few fave books go, but I bet you will find some you don’t need or want any more and would be happy to donate, sell or give away. When I cleared my shelves, I filled a few shopping bags with the books I decided to “edit” out. I set them aside in the garage and then called the donation truck to pick up along with a few other items.

organized kitchen counter space Your Kitchen Counter: This can be easier than you think. I am sure there are items you don’t use every day that can be stored away. Loose papers or files that can be thrown away or stored and filed elsewhere. Pencils, rubber bands, to-do lists, etc that perhaps could be better organized. Maybe a tray or basket in a designated area.

Winnow Your Wardrobe: Look through your armoire or a single chest of drawers and see if you can donate or give away some old sweaters, handbags, belts. Maybe you can toss some old socks. Keep it simple; just one or two drawers at a time unless you feel energetic.

How About That Bedside Table: If yours is like mine, it can load up with pens, pencils, receipts, books, photos and excess decor. Take about 30 minutes to toss any old notes or papers, file anything necessary, put away items that don’t belong and narrow down to keep the space simple. I think you may be happier waking up to some fresh flowers (or lovely silk ones) or a simple inspiring book on the nightstand.

organize arts and craftsOrganize Art and Craft Supplies: I am an artist, and it feels good to have your colored pencils organized, your brushes cleaned and ready, your different kinds of papers and boards sorted and put away, ready to use. Keeping these items clean, organized and handy may inspire you!

The Kids’ Toys: If your kids are like mine, there could be a LOT to go through, so just sort through as many as you can in about an hour. Storing or donating outgrown ones and organizing the keepers in baskets, chest or cubbies for easy access at play time and easy put away after.