Solve a Buyer’s Problem and Make Things Easy for Yourself

When you decide to list your home for sale, you usually think of making a few improvements to it to help it to sell faster and for a higher price. I think the best ones to make are those that will solve as many buyer problems as possible at the least expense to you, the seller.

For instance, a leaky faucet is an easy fix. A room that hasn’t been painted in a while or that is painted a very bright or very dark color is another easy fix. Windows or doors that don’t open or close properly or with sticky locks or squeaky hinges should be given some attention. A messy front garden or planters with dead or dying plants should be tended to.

Think ahead to the home inspection. These inspections are often detailed, and people are looking for issues! Take some of the items off the inspector’s list NOW so the inspection appears cleaner and not so scary to your buyer.

Buyers are usually going to want to make some improvements or repairs anyway, and they may have a budget for those. Their budget may be tight, so don’t add to the list with a lengthy handyman to-do list. Take care of what you can. Or in lieu of doing so, offer a credit or a more competitive list price.

Solving a few obvious problems for buyers ahead of time will make for a smoother transaction with fewer issues for everyone!