Yes, You Can Do It Yourself

Boys bedroom BeforeMy youngest son recently moved out of my home, and I wanted to have his room painted and freshened up. I wanted to hire a painter to do it, but I wound up having to do it myself. Which was turned out to be not such a bad thing after all!

In addition to painting the room, I needed to add new door handles, new window blinds, new drapery panels and really clean the windows and tracks so they worked better. These are all things just about anyone can do to breathe new life into any small room.

Paint the Bedroom Guilford GreenI took my time and chose a muted neutral green color for the room, ordered faux wood blinds from Amazon (you can order them to fit just about any size window) and installed them myself, bought and installed new door hardware in brushed nickel and purchased new drapery panels and rod to match his brother’s room. When I buy panels, I try to buy the kind I know will hang well. I like the grommet style so they are easy to open and close. Since the boys’ rooms faced east, I purchased panels that were well-lined.

I have painted many pieces of dated furniture to make them new again. Each one is a learning experience. I initially wanted to give away my son’s old pine dresser, but decided to paint it instead. I chose a neutral grey that I wasn’t super sure about, but am very pleased with the result. It looks great! I even purchased some shelf liner and lined the drawers. The piece is about 25 years old, and I hope I can get another 10-15 years out of it.

Painting a Boys Bedroom GreenNone of these projects were difficult; just time consuming and a little tougher on the body as the years go by. Fortunately, I have past experience with all these tasks PLUS a great cordless drill/screwdriver and lots of painting supplies. Don’t be afraid to try something new or dive in to a home improvement project. It can be very rewarding!