Indoor Plants Can Be Cool and Groovy

I remember being a teen in the 1970’s. I loved music, the beach, my friends, my cat and I loved plants! I had a few in macrame hangers in my bedroom. I still enjoy having several different types of plants around the house.

Remember Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moore Show? She had a green thumb and wanted to have her own plant business. There were more plant stores then. You could buy plants at the swap meet. Home builders built homes with atriums, large and small, throughout the residence. This continues into the 1980’s, too. Garden windows and greenhouse windows were also a thing. Today, many homeowners opt to remove these. I say, that’s a shame.

Succulents are HOT right now.

Indoor plants bring life into the home. They bring interest and health and beauty into your living space. The mid-century look is very popular these days. Indoor plants played a role in this look. They can be quite hip. Plant up a few in cool pots and place them outside by or in your entryway. Fill up your garden window with herbs or sun-loving water-wise plants.

There is a plant that can meet just about any type of need inside your home and in your entryway. Give them a try.