Don’t Tear Out That Wet Bar Yet! Rethink/Re-purpose It

Homes in Orange County built in the 1970’s and in the 1980’s often featured a wet bar somewhere in the house. Perhaps in the living room, family room, dining room, bonus room or in the space from one room into the kitchen. Many had glass backsplashes and/or glass shelves like a real bar has/had. But time has not been kind to these wet bars. If you haven’t removed yours yet, maybe think of re-purposing it or giving it a modern use or facelift.

If its placement makes sense, maybe update it into a coffee bar or snack bar. Replace the glass with tile or wood or maybe glass mosaic backsplash. Keep the surfaces clean and sleek.

Or keep its original purpose as a bar to entertain your guests or store and/or display your favorite wines and spirits. Use warm woods and earthy colors and cool/hip lighting fixtures to modernize your bar and set the mood.

Or actually ADD a snack bar or coffee bar in any odd or unused space in a kitchen, hall or family room. You may wonder how you got along without it after you do!