Wall Decor – Grouping Art and Photo Prints

When you go to sell your property, usually less is more in decor. You may not want to display photos of friends and family to potential home buyers and agents. But thoughtful groupings of photos and art can be quite attractive and even downright “homey.”

If you want to display a lot of family photos, choose a wall that will showcase them the way you want and then select your photos. The best way to achieve a cohesive look and make the photos the real focal point, choose a simple frame style and white matte to frame all the photos. If the frame style is the same, they can be various sizes and still look great together. You may want to scan your photos and then print them in either color or black and white at the desired size to fit within the stock matte and frame size.

Since smart phones can now take photos of good quality, you can take photos of things you like, print the photos and then frame them similarly to create an arty grouping. I took close up photos of succulents and framed them to display in my own home. Succulents have a wonderful architectural look and make ideal subjects.

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