Granite vs Quartz Counter Tops

When remodeling a kitchen or bath, the large exposed surfaces of these areas, like counter tops and floors, can set the whole tone and mood for the space. That is why I, personally, spent WEEKS deciding which surface and then which particular granite and quartz I would select. Here are my own thoughts and feelings…

Granite is a natural stone surface that comes in many colors and patterns. It is tough, hard but can be porous. However, it can be maintained without a lot of effort. It is just plain beautiful and looks rich. It is a great choice to add character and style to a room. Granite can make a humble space look upscale and can add thousands to the value of a kitchen or bath.

Quartz counter tops are composed of small particles of quartz and other stone (sort of like beach sand) that are held together with resins and polymers. It is really a man-made surface. It is tough, durable and requires less maintenance since it is less porous. And it can be just as beautiful as granite. I like the look of all the small particles of natural stone. I like it in the kitchen for its durability.

Take your time and view model homes, tour tile shops and go online. Both surfaces can be roughly the same to purchase and install (granite can get more pricey with rarer slabs). If you are planning to sell soon, try and choose a simpler pattern and lighter color of granite or quartz to install. This choice will appeal to more home buyers.

Here are samples of quartz and granite in model homes built in 2016.

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