Outdoors Orange County

Even when it is warm and quite humid in Orange County (like it has been this week), you can still take advantage of the outdoors to cool off, relax, enjoy a view or whatever. Visit a local water park or wait til the sun goes down to sit on the back patio or visit a local area beach. Many areas enjoy the offshore breezes in the afternoon, so open up the windows and doors to cool things off naturally.

I was born and grew up in Southern California so am quite spoiled. From day one, I was outside playing in the garden or mud, enjoying the beach, riding bicycles, picnicking and even napping outside. One of my favorite memories is when my dad, in the mid 1960’s, put our little TV on a TV tray and rolled it outside onto the back patio so we could watch TV while we ate dinner in the Orange County twilight. Growing up in Westminster, we were very close to the beach. The breezes would invariably kick up in the afternoon and continue into the evenings. It made going outside to play so enjoyable, and you could stay out quite late!

These days, many local parks have water features or ponds or water slides to help cool residents. Some community parks have even added fun lighting to trees and awnings for night time magic, beckoning neighbors to visit the park after dark. Local parks and trails are meant to be enjoyed year round, and summer is no exception. In Mission Viejo, Oso Creek may dry up some, but along oso Creek Trail, the local flora and fauna come to life in the early and latter part of the day before the sun goes down.

So expand your living space by embellishing a front or back patio with lights; add seating, too. Make a habit of taking a short walk around the block after dinner or before work. Take a day trip to the Cleveland National Forest or one of the many incredible Orange County beaches. Sharing time out of doors with friends, family and loved ones will create many lasting memories. We are so lucky and blessed to live here; go outside and play!

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