Trabuco Creek: Take a Walk in the Wild of Orange County

In Orange County, we are lucky to have many Regional Parks, community parks PLUS ample open space. O’Neill Regional Park is a large park within South Orange County that overlays a portion of the Arroyo Trabuco, a beautiful riparian area. Trabuco Creek runs along the bottom of the Arroyo, and a few trails jog along it or cross it.

I recently hiked along Trabuco Creek Trail, the portion near Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo. It is a fairly easy hike, but I would suggest going with a buddy due to mountain lion sightings in the area. Please visit the OC Parks site, specifically the O’Neill Regional Park page, to get more info, rules and hours.

Some of the beautiful sights are posted here, but visit my other site HERE for even more beautiful photos and information.

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