What I Think About When I Ready Your Home for Sale

Getting a home ready for sale takes more than tidying up a few rooms, cutting the lawn and taking some photos. Well, at least for me it does. I have a routine that I follow prior to uploading the listing in the MLS to help insure not only your home is ready, but you, the seller, is ready for the market; and this is not a complete list…

  • Home is reafy to SellDoes my client, the seller, have a replacement property ready to move to once her current home closes escrow? I don’t want her to be homeless, and I want to be ready to negotiate closing dates to accommodate her.
  • Are there other homes actively for sale in the seller’s neighborhood? How are they doing? What do they look like inside?
  • Have there been any sales like my client’s listing recently? How does my client’s home compare to those? How long did it take for those to sell?
  • What has the housing market in the seller’s area been like in general? How will it affect my client?
  • Does my seller’s home have any unique features or qualities? Does it have better light or less nearby noise than others in the area?
  • Does the home need any fixes or upgrades? If so, can the seller afford them? What can I do to mitigate for these if the seller can’t afford to fix or upgrade?
  • What kind of buyer will this home appeal to most? How can I prepare it so that this buyer is targeted above the others if need be? Does it make sense to target specific buyers?
  • Does the home need de-cluttering or cleaning prior to going on the market? Can the seller help with this? Does the seller need to have a garage sale or an estate sale before going on the market?
  • Does my seller have special needs or limitations while her home is actively on the market for sale? Any pets or children? Do I need to be present when a buyer schedules a showing?
  • Does my client need help with staging his home? A lot of help or just a little? What can they afford? Is he okay with me staging his home for him?
  • How will my client’s home look best in photos? What story do I want to tell with the photos?
  • Does the seller have a time frame for selling they are working with? How does that affect price, outcome, length of time on market, etc.? Is the seller aware of all this?
  • Does the seller know what to expect when offers start to come in? Are they ready for what happens once escrow starts and the inspection period begins?
  • And so much more!

Nicely Staged Living RoomMy goal is to make sure your home leaves a lasting impression with buyers and to make sure you understand the process and the options you have not only as you ready your home for sale, but during the listing period, during negotiations and escrow, too. It’s a complete package of a successful sale!

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