A Home Filled with Love

Home filled with LoveMost of the time we define home value in terms of price, upgrades, location, size, etc. But it is the stuff we don’t usually talk about that ties us to the home; it keeps us making those payments, putting up with leaky faucets, dated wallpaper and the noisy furnace that constantly threatens to break down. That “stuff” is the memories, the happy sounds, the peaceful moments and the comfort of the familiar surroundings; in other words, it is the love that fills the home that has the most value.

I always encourage my clients to invest in a home they can picture themselves in for a long time. Once you move in, you put down roots, you fill your home full of things that have meaning to you, life happens, and you find yourself deeply connected to the home and all its faults. You have taken care of the home, and in turn, it has provided security, warmth and privacy; a place where you can raise a family, gather with friends, enjoy your alone time and so many more scenes from a lifetime. It becomes harder to move and leave all this behind no matter how much it might make sense to do so. Even if you can pack all the kids’ toys, all your home projects and all the knickknacks and favorite things, the feeling of home and familiarity won’t fit in the moving box so easily. However, there are some things you can do to take the love with you when you move to a new home.

woman loves her homeYou can create a blog on WordPress where you can upload photos and tell stories about them and comment on them. Photos of a favorite reading nook, a food-laden dining table at Thanksgiving, the view of the sunset from a window, a photo of your front door, mom or dad in the kitchen and a host of others that have meaning to you. Those photos will then be easily visible and accessible to you and other family members.

You can create a board on Pinterest. Upload those same photos to a “board” or maybe multiple boards as needed.  You can group them and view them all together like a photo album. You can share the boards on Facebook and via email so others can enjoy them, too.

There are other places where you can upload photos like Photobucket and Flickr, but I like to use WordPress and Pinterest.

So keep the love when you move even if you have to leave behind the physical security and warmth of the old home. You can take the love and the memories and preserve them online, sharing if you like, so others can experience the love, too.

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