House Paint Palette Personality Profile 

bright orange houseLet’s have some fun. What does your choice of house paint say about you? Since homes are generally made from raw materials like wood, stucco, brick or block, most owners opt to protect these raw materials (I would probably never paint over brick since I think it is so beautiful) to seal and protect them from the elements. It’s an easy choice to paint, but choosing a paint palette can be nerve wracking and a source of grief and arguing for the owners. So let’s sidestep what colors to choose; lets go right to what your choice of colors says about what kind of homeowner you are. Remember; this is for fun and amusement only! Keep your tongue in cheek at all times. I did!

Trim and body color both white or off-white: you either don’t trust your decisions or are very pennywise and went to every paint store and bought all the returned cans of white paint at discount. You therefore have a big glass jug full of pennies in your living room. You like holiday movies and cartoons.

White body color and any darker trim color: you love to play games and tell jokes. You have lots of ideas you want to share with other people, and you probably have a blog or two. You are fond of starting projects but are not fond of finishing them. You don’t close drawers and cupboards all the way.

Very pale tan or grey body color with white or off-white trim: you probably like to stand right at the surfline at the beach and watch the boats. You could do this for hours since you wear a big floppy hat and plenty of sunscreen when you do this. People tend to give you stuff all the time. Usually more sunscreen.

Some mid-tone neutral color with lighter or darker trim: you like to watch TV. You like to spend money on frivolous things more often than you probably should. You may also have a lot of kids or like to have lots of people at your house. You like chips and salsa. You want some now.

Any light or mid-tone body color other than a neutral like tan or grey; trim color does not matter: you fancy yourself a rebel. You also think you know better than most people and tend to make a lot mistakes you don’t own up to. You are always smiling and usually in a good mood.

Multicolor Rainbow HouseAny darker paint color, whether neutral or not, and any trim color: you probably are a loner. You are deep and mysterious and are most likely working on the next great novel or the next Oscar-winning screenplay or the next Apple in your garage. You tend to stare at people.

A very colorful palette like bright orange or deep sky blue or vivid green: you probably used up a lot of crayons as a kid. You may even have eaten a few. People usually tend to ignore you at the market or at work. You love music and probably play an instrument or two.

A palette made up of at least four colors: you are probably very detail oriented and take plenty of time when making any decision. You tend to be moody, though, and have two sets of friends. Your house is probably very clean except under the beds and in the closets.

Hope you had fun reading this! If you want to choose a paint palette (for real) for your house painting project, check out Pinterest or sites like HouzzBenjamin Moore or Dunn Edwards for tips and tools. Enjoy choosing a palette and color you love!

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