Don’t Be Afraid – Selling Your Home is a Good Thing Right Now

Nice Orange County pool HomeA few years ago, around 2009-2010, if you had to sell, your home would most likely sit on the market for six months or so here in Orange County. But beginning about four years ago, buyers began to gobble up the inventory, raising home prices and greatly reducing the available homes for sale. It is called a seller’s market, folks. While the frenzy has died down, sales remain very brisk, and homes can sell in as little as 2-4 weeks. Right now, there are about 1,000 fewer homes for sale here in Orange County than there was this same time last year! If you are a buyer, you probably already knew that.

In my opinion, it is almost always a good time to place a home on the market here in Orange County. Of course, activity slows the last few weeks of the year, but during the months of February and March, buyers enter the market in greater number. Good, motivated  buyers. But unfortunately for them, they discover there are fewer homes for sale to choose from at that time. This creates a lovely window of opportunity for the savvy seller to list their home for sale while the buyers are hot and the competition is scarce.

Savvy SellersIf you decide to sell during the first 3-4 months of the year, you won’t have to worry so much about your home languishing on the market for months or of having to keep it neat and tidy for weeks and weeks. You can feel more confident about selling in a timely manner at a good price to a good buyer. The stress and inconvenience are greatly reduced, and I can help you prep and market your home in such a way as to take advantage of this beautiful window of opportunity.

So try not to worry about “best time” to list or “timing the market’ to sell, especially here in Orange County. If you need to sell, embrace it and use my expertise to help you achieve best results no matter when you decide to sell. Let me help you fearlessly open your door to buyers eager to place offers on your home!

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