Feeling Cluttered? Need to Pack and Store Things? Let Me Help

cluttered kitchenThere always comes a time when you need to organize, pack, move, store or simply de-clutter. If you are moving, this can be overwhelming, especially if you have decades worth of accumulated items. You aren’t sure where to start or what to do with everything. Maybe you have to tackle it alone or don’t have a place for everything. It can seem like a mountain! Your first step will be to turn it into a molehill by realizing it will be a step by step process, perhaps taking months to finish. The pictured kitchen is that of a dear client of mine who had accumulated decades worth of lovely treasures. But these things hid how light and lovely the kitchen was and what a great view he had!

Start with the obvious: things that can be thrown away. Slowly begin to toss things in the trash (shredding as needed), maybe going room by room. Perhaps rent a small dumpster. Once the trash is out, it should be more obvious what items can either be donated or stored or kept.

Orange County Garage SaleDonate things you don’t need to keep but can’t bear to throw away. You can schedule a pickup online with the Salvation Army, the Orange County Goodwill or a host of other worthy causes. Maybe even call your friends who can come and take items off your hands.

A garage sale is a good way to go if you have the time and help and space to do so.

If you have a lot of items of value, an estate sale may be a good move. The sale organizer will assess, price, organize the items, advertise and conduct the sale and then pay you the proceeds minus whatever their commission is. Call me for referrals.

If you have items you intend to save, but need to store, the thing to remember is to be organized! Baggies, bags, plastic and cardboard boxes of all sizes, tape, markers and labels are your friends. Make sure to store things in easy to lift boxes. Keep like items together. See-thru bins with lids are great! They are waterproof and see-through so you can see what you have stored. They also tend to be sturdier than cardboard. Keep in mind that you usually wind up needing more storage supplies than you originally thought. If you don’t have a garage, you may have to opt to store things in an unused bedroom or in a storage facility.

Store Items in Your GarageUse your garage or an unused room as a staging area to place things until they can be tossed or donated or sold or properly packed away.

What you have left are things you must have around you for your day to day life. Can any of this be organized? Again, take it slow and go room by room. Maybe start in the bathrooms and toss out old toiletries or makeup, etc. Organize the remaining. Get storage baskets or wall shelves for the bathroom/dressing area.

In the living room and family room, are there too many photos or art on the walls? Are there too many knickknacks displayed, making it harder to enjoy the best pieces? Highlight a few good pieces by properly displaying only them.

The kitchen can perhaps be left more cluttered since it is a workspace, but try to organize the counters and the drawers to be a more efficient workspace.

Once the job is done, I think you will feel invigorated and happy, almost like you have a new place to live! You have more space to breathe with less distractions. Check out the photo below; don’t you feel happy just looking at the sunny clean kitchen?

Call me for referrals or help as you begin the process of getting ready to sell 949.525.5905.

Irvine Single Level Home
Clutter-Free Kitchen




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