Think Like a Buyer When Selling Your Home

staging your home to sellChances are you love the home you are selling, and you don’t see anything wrong with it. You love the colors, the landscaping, the decor, yard size, the location, etc. But chances are when you go to sell it, most buyers may not see it the way you see it. You may love the bedroom painted midnight blue or the hot pink furniture in the living room, and you may think it is charming the way the roof has a few shingles or tiles missing. But a buyer will only focus on the odd decor and colors and anything perceived as outdated or in need of repair. They will start taking dollars off any offer price to compensate for these perceived negatives. Yike!

Help a buyer to see all the good points of your home. Neutralize the decor and even remove and pack away items. You may think that large gold-framed mirror is a lovely antique, but in a smaller home, it can be a distraction. Help the buyer to focus on the home and its good points, and not the decor. This does not mean a total makeover, but it can mean removing and/or moving items, perhaps painting and performing minor fixes. I have helped a lot of sellers by helping them to make wise choices that will be kind to their pocket book AND attract the most buyers.

Help with Staging

The home pictured here benefited greatly from simplifying the decor and adding life and light to this living room. It looked out into the front garden, so I wanted to create a “garden room” feel to it. I added more green decor, removed the antique framed family photos, removed/moved some furniture pieces, added some modern framed botanical prints and used the homeowners blue and white pieces to tie everything together and help them to feel it was still their home. I did the same thing throughout the rest of the home. The long-time owners had taken good care of their property, made some updates over the years, but needed help making it appeal to younger people who were the most likely buyers for their home. The folks who eventually bought it loved it so much, they wound up paying over appraised price to close the deal.

Home Beautifully Re-Staged to Appeal to More Buyers
After Staging

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