A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is a Good Investment

Home InspectionOne of the things that a home seller can stress about during the marketing and escrow period is how their home measures up in the eye of the buyer. Are there doors or windows that don’t close properly? Are there leaks or tell-tale water stains that point to leaks? Do all the electrical and light fixtures work? Are fences worn or wobbly? Do you have the requisite smoke detectors installed? Buyers can usually pinpoint some of these items, and a buyer’s home inspector will catch many items, even if the home is in good repair. It may be wise for the home seller to hire their own home inspector to catch and fix as many of these items as possible prior to marketing the home for sale.

During escrow, a buyer has the right to inspect the home, and the seller has the duty to allow them access. The buyer may opt for several different types of home inspections. The inspector then prepares a list of items of concern, and the the buyer may then present a “fix-it” list to the seller. Depending upon the buyer and the condition of the home, this can be a lengthy and costly list!

Get a Seller Home InspectionIf a nervous buyer sees a couple of water stains or loose boards, etc., they may inflate these potentially minor issues into larger issues and may devalue the property in their mind. They may even re-think the wisdom of the purchase. If a buyer sees a couple things amiss, they may think even more things are wrong with the property, even when there aren’t.

I can do a cursory visual inspection of your home when you get ready to list for sale, but if you have concerns or several things wrong with your home, a pre-listing home inspection done by a professional is a wise investment. They can catch many things before the buyer does, giving you the option to fix things a buyer will either want the seller to fix or provide a credit for. A home in good repair or with few things amiss (all homes have something wrong with them), will have more value in the eyes of a buyer. They will feel more comfortable going through with the purchase and perhaps happier paying a higher price for it. A home in good repair will give a buyer fewer reasons to back out or try to “ding” the seller with items to fix. You, the seller, may even feel happier, prouder and more confident showing and selling your home. You will most likely be able to ask a higher selling price, too, depending upon how many fixes and repairs are made before going on the market.

If you are thinking of selling, call me, and we can assess whether or not you need a pre-listing home inspection. 949.525.5905.

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