You Never Know What Will Seal the Deal

Curb AppealI have often compared house hunting to match-making or dating. You view several different homes, assess its good points and bad points, envision yourself living there, consider whether or not it meets your needs and usually get a sense of whether or not the home feels right. Each home has a different personality. Sometimes not all the good points are instantly visible to the buyer. Sometimes a home has potential that can easily be seen. And sometimes it can be just one specific feature that makes a buyer fall in love and write the offer.

One time I helped a seller with their curb appeal by re-planting their front flower bed and adding charm. I planted lavender, daisies and various pink and lavender annuals. A young couple came to view the home, and the young woman fell in love with all the lavender and purple; it was her favorite color. It made her vulnerable to fall in love with the rest of the home (which was equally charming and desirable). Once I showed a home to my buyer that was outside of his price range. He could afford it, but had a budget. It had a pool, spa and yard he had been dreaming of. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw that rear yard; it was love and there was no going back. The home itself was not ideal and needed some upgrades, but the yard was his ideal soulmate.

Staged Room Looks InvitingSometimes a buyer can be turned off by certain things, too, even if the home is otherwise perfect. A few years ago, I was showing the ideal home to a buyer, but the owner was present. It made my buyer uncomfortable and have a bad feeling about the home, even though they otherwise really liked it. We came and saw it again, but the bad first impression with the homeowner present had stuck and could not be erased.

First impressions really matter in life. When selling real estate, always try to enhance and showcase the best aspects of your home no matter what it is. If it is a great view, frame and highlight the view; do nothing to detract from it. If the home is very open and spacious, make sure it is staged properly to highlight this. If your front yard is a little blah or bland, add some simple life and color, especially near the front door and path to the front door. Desirable character traits of your home will usually outshine any perceived flaws and help the buyer fall in love with the real soul of the home.

Indian Village Home Curb Appeal

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