Be Cautious When It Comes to Trends in Home Decor

design trendI love real estate. I love to see new homes, old homes, remodeled homes, homes that need a little TLC, well-loved homes, little patio homes and spacious ocean-view homes. They all have something to offer, and they all appeal to different buyers. I see old styles and trends, and I get to see new trends, too. These new trends and styles can be quite exciting and alluring, especially when you first see them. But be careful! While that sliding barn door might look great in a home with a big open floor plan, it may not work in your small condo. When it comes to implementing new decor items, I say go slowly and cautiously.

1960's Atrium HomeIn the 1970’s, a couple of trends for homes here in Orange County were those wet bars and atriums. Spanish decor was big, too. Remember all that Spanish tile in bathrooms, entries and around the pool? Some atriums were big and some were small. I know some floor plans called for atriums to be in the master bath. I saw one where it was right in the shower. Most of these have been eliminated, but some still exist or at least a hint of them remain. More wet bars still exist, but I think most have been eliminated or modified by now. Likewise, those walls of mirrors (some with gold veining) were thought to be quite attractive. I think mirrors can be useful, but a whole wall of mirrors can be off-putting or disconcerting to many buyers. Plus it might give a dated feel if not done right.

Open shelving in the kitchen, lots of shiny surfaces such as glass, chrome, etc. are popular, geometric patterns in fabrics, task lighting in the bath, etc. are all current trends. Before installing these trends and others, consider if it will work for you and your home. Go slowly! I like to use the Houzz app to review current trends and see how they look in different types of homes. It also exposes me to trends, styles and colors I may not have considered. I recently re-did much of my home, and I am glad I consulted this app prior to making final decisions.

Re-doing an entire kitchen based on today’s latest trend may wind up being a costly mistake in a couple years if you tire of the colors or if it does not function as you wish it would. But some trends like open floor plans, ample added storage and the use of natural wood and stone surfaces may last longer than the usual trend and can be a wise investment even when used extensively. If you want to try a big geometric pattern, go with a big pillow or area rug that can easily be changed. Want to try a shiny trendy surface? Install a cool chrome lighting fixture or hang a collection of various framed mirrors for instant (but less permanent) style. Sometimes just re-painting a room will give it a more updated feel. If you are unsure, try updating just one small bath or one room with a few changes, and see if you are on the right track. On the other hand, it can be quite rewarding and exciting to be bold and implement new trends throughout the whole house!

Modern Kitchen with Pendant Lighting

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