Add Some Life to Your Living Space

house plantsI help some of my clients get their home ready to sell by giving staging and decorating tips and often by adding staging and decor items myself. An essential item in my staging tool box is the houseplant. They add life, beauty and form and come in myriad shapes and sizes making them perfectly suitable for just about every home.

Most folks don’t have the time or inclination to care for houseplants, especially when getting ready to sell their home. They have so many other things to think about and do! So I say, let a hard-working, easy-care houseplant do the work for you.

Sansevieria Looks Great in the HouseOne of my very favorites is the Snake Plant or Sansevieria. You know them; they have tall, snake-like leaves that erupt from the ground in a variety of colors. I like the variety “Moonshine”. It has a slightly different form, is pale like moonlight and is absolutely beautiful. You can also choose the taller varieties that have the more familiar dark green marbled leaves, some with yellow edges. They have a popular retro-look. They work well in low light with little water. I had one client forget to water their snake plant for months! I would not recommend this, but it illustrates how well it tolerates a busy owner.

Other specimens I like to use are the Chinese Evergreen Houseplant, Pothos (though you do need to water these once a week at least) and the Heart-Leaf Philodendron. Use these lovely plants to not only make your home a showplace and easier to sell, but keep them around your home on an everyday basis to add life and interest to your home.

Plants Add Life to Your Home

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