What Makes a House a Home

What Makes a House a HomeThe home I grew up in was humble, small and dated. But the experiences I shared there with friends and family are forefront in my mind to this day; the memories are a rich tapestry that still envelope me and warm me and comfort me. That little box of a house was a real home.

The kitchen was open to a family room where we shared many meals, watched TV, played cards, fought, argued, laughed, entertained friends and had parties. Every morning, my folks would get up early, make coffee, read the paper at the kitchen bar, and get ready to go to work. The front door was usually left open in the late afternoon to allow in the breezes and the sounds of the neighborhood. Opposite the front door in the living room was a large picture window overlooking the backyard where we would play and where my dad panted the elm tree and orange trees when he first moved in to the home. We were at the same time part of a charming, friendly neighborhood, privy to the goings-on, and yet had private unlimited access to those cherished things unique to our family. Both were a constant; always there, always within reach.

Orange County HomesI usually tell my homebuyers that it will hit them right when they walk in the front door that they have found the right home for them. At that moment they may not be thinking of price or affordability, if the home has the right type of counter tops or the view they imagined or the proximity to a park they like. At that moment, they are coming home. They are feeling welcomed; they sense the light and space and mood, and inexplicably it just “feels” right. They can see themselves doing this in that room; they can fit a favorite piece of furniture in just the perfect space; or a specific feature of the home will captivate them, and they just have to have it.

If you are a buyer looking at the long term, finding a HOME that speaks to you will most likely bring you the most happiness and probably the best return on your investment. And best of all, a treasure chest or memories to last a lifetime.

What Makes a House a Home

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