Perfect Fit for Empty Nesters

Very Cool Smaller Home for Empty Nester - a Perfect FitA spacious four bedroom home or three bedroom home, complete with front and back yards, can be the ideal place to raise a family. BUT…perhaps NOT the ideal place once all the kids have moved out and moved on. Yard work, cleaning and maintenance can be burdensome and take away from entertaining, hobby and fun time for the empty nester. So a move to a smaller home can make a lot of sense.

I have had several empty nester clients voice a concern that moving to a smaller home may seem too cramped or hard to get used to or that they need the extra space, etc. My clients had a lot of furniture, decor and items they had saved over the years, so storage space was a must. How do you strike the right balance between keeping things and still moving to a space more suitable to your current lifestyle? Embracing both old and new? It all starts with exploring your options in the housing market.

Small Home is a Perfect Fit for Empty NesterI always suggest that my clients begin to look at smaller homes and get to see what they have to offer. Folks are often surprised to find that the smaller homes do not feel as cramped as they thought. Oftentimes they are moving to homes that are newer than the ones they currently own and therefore may have more open floor plans, higher ceilings, better amenities, etc. These are all huge pluses to an enhanced empty nester lifestyle. They may be better maintained, may have less deferred maintenance, etc. They usually have smaller yards or perhaps just a deck or patio. This means less outdoor space to maintain, fewer headaches and more time to do things you want to do. So a smaller home can be both practical and beautiful.

There are always trade-offs, but in the end, the goal of a more carefree and enjoyable lifestyle can be yours. Are you or anyone you know ready to move to a home more suitable to your or their needs?  I and my clients have had great success with this kind of transition, and I enjoy helping. Call 949.525.5905.

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