Trying New Decor Styles

Living Room Decor Color SchemeI recently performed some renovations in my own home and gave a lot of thought to incorporating new design and decor ideas other than what I was comfortable with. I, of course, have favorite colors like everyone else, but I wanted to tweak things a bit. I wound up choosing a different tone of wall color than I originally planned, window treatments that are totally new to me plus a few other decor details like out of the norm light fixtures. These are all changeable choices if I wound up not liking them, now or in the future, but I find I really like them.

I had a client who was used to a very pale, monochromatic color scheme throughout her home. I did suggest a few MINOR changes which she incorporated and wound up expanding on and liking herself! She is moving to a new home, and the builder has already chosen a color palette for walls, floors, counter tops, etc. It is beiges and browns which I assured her would be the ideal backdrop for her mainly blue furniture and decor. I told her to look up the color palette online to see examples of the same color scheme in other homes so she can get used to it before she moves in.

Color Scheme on Bungalow HomePaint is a great way to change things up. Another client was unsure about house trim. I suggested driving around the neighborhood and looking at what other people had done, and then try what looked good to them. And don’t be afraid to paint a post or set of shutters first to see how it looks. You can always paint over it. I, myself, want to add a third color to my exterior color scheme to add a personal touch. Check to see if your HOA has any restrictions or an approved color palette, though!

There are many great sites with decor and design inspiration (like the Houzz app) where you can try out ideas online and/or see them in other folks’ homes before you try them in yours. I know I purchased a dozen paint samples to try in my home before landing on my final picks for each room. I pored over thousands of photos online for my own inspiration, and it saved time, money and headaches.

Have fun and get inspired!

Earth Color in the Living Room

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