Adding Water-Wise Plants to Your Garden

succulents in a water wise gardenHere in California, you may have heard we are experiencing a drought. Some residents have their water usage restricted. Some are opting to cut down on their own. One thing to consider is removing some plants that require a lot or a moderate amount of water with ones more drought tolerant.

My garden has a variety of plants, many requiring a moderate amount of water. I have, however, renovated some of my garden space to include succulents. I think they can be quite beautiful. PLUS they are making a very popular comeback and can add fabulous curb appeal.

There is a wide variety of succulents and California native plants to choose from. I think they all look great together. When choosing plants, make sure you choose those that vary in height to create interest. And make sure you place the tall ones in back! I have placed succulents here and there in groupings along with some rocks and boulders to add a natural look. You might even think of adding some garden decor to your water wise garden. I have a sundial, a stone turtle and a couple pieces of pottery scattered here and there. Use your imagination, and have fun as you save water.

succulents in a water wise garden

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