Buyers Are Taking Their Time Shopping

Buyers can now afford to take more time shopping for a home here in Orange County. Naturally there are some exceptions, but for the most part, due to the increased inventory and a more balanced real estate market, buyers can afford to slow down and shop.

There is a pretty good mix of home types currently on the market: from a beautifully remodeled turnkey view home in Laguna Niguel to a fixer in a transitional neighborhood and everything in between. I have noticed there are more and more of these “in between” types coming on the market from Fountain Valley to Mission Viejo. Many in decent shape with some updates or with key features buyers are looking for. It is important that these types of “in between” sellers price their home in line with fair market value and not think they can get the same price the more updated property around the corner got just a short time ago. Buyers are definitely taking their time to get the most for their money and know what they want and what its value is. A savvy seller should know this, too, if they want to sell for best price in a reasonable amount of time.

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