Home Buying and Water Damage

water damaged home in orange countyIs it just me or do other agents and their clients see a lot of water damage-related issues here is Orange County? It seems like about half of the deals I am involved in see more than average water damage issues like slab leaks, plumbing leaks, leaky appliances, mold, etc. The remainder still have some minor issues like smaller, easier to fix leaks or stains from old leaks.
Based on my experience, I always advise my buyers to be very aware of the likelihood of water-related damage or issues when performing home inspections during escrow. This type of damage, if left to fester, will just get larger and more costly. A small drip can wear away wood or drywall over time. It can lead to a lot of unseen serious damage that will make itself known in sudden, unfortunate and expensive ways.
Beware of signs of rust or missing grout. Invest in a moisture meter and take with you to home inspections. It is wise to take a good look under sinks, along the lines of the ceiling, around the water heater, etc. even before you write an offer. But just a visual look….don’t go poking holes in the wall looking for water damage.
If you are currently happy in your own home and not thinking of moving, it may be wise to check it for potential leaks and damage so you remain happy and content in it. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is doubly true with water damage and the pain and heartache it causes in time, money and inconvenience if you have to move out while catastrophic damage is repaired.

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