Decor – Go with What Feels Good

elegant living roomWhen you are thinking of redecorating, it can be overwhelming. So many colors, textures, styles to choose from, and so many people with advice. Bottom line, though, is you are the one who will live with it, so you should make sure that what you choose feels good and feels right.

What feels good and right to you may be very different to what is in or popular. Of course you want to take trends, styles, new materials into consideration and keep your options open, but if you really want to decorate around a retro-earthy color palette of orange, avocado and earth-brown, then go for it!

Warm colors like oranges, rusts, yellows and tans can help make a room feel warm and inviting. Cooler colors like mints, sages, blues and violets can be relaxing which might be ideal in bedrooms. If you have a room that receives too much light and warmth, and you want to lower the temperature, then consider painting it a cooler color and/or using a cool color palette. If you have a dark bedroom or den that seems gloomy, then add light by painting it warmer, lighter color with a light-reflective finish.

Maybe you have good memories of a cheery yellow kitchen or enjoyed a great vacation where all the hotel rooms were a deep sea-green color with lots of white accents. Consider recreating these moods in your own home.

Last bit of advice would be to take your time getting it right. Enjoy the process of considering all your options. The results will be that much more gratifying and long-lasting!

Modern and Colorful Home Decor Orange County

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