Love Your Garage – Give It a Makeover

Give Your Garage a MakeoverMy childhood home had a detached garage where we did not park our cars. We had toys, tools, a freezer, a pool table, my dad’s spill-over from his service station plus a lot of miscellaneous. It was great! And as disorganized as it may sound, it is not as disorganized as my own garage is now.

I love garages. You can work there, entertain there, live there, make a mess, fix things, showcase things and so much more! I was simply not doing my own garage any justice. I needed a makeover in a big way.

Though on a budget, I could still get pretty much most things that I wanted. I needed more efficient storage, I needed some drywall repaired, I had acoustic ceilings that needed to go, I needed it to be completely painted, epoxy floor installed and more. The work is just now beginning, and I know the money I am spending will be well worth it. As time goes by, I can add some better lighting and more specific storage features. If I ever sell my home, I am sure the makeover will add value. But most important, it will make my life easier and working in the garage more enjoyable.

Wonderful Organized Garage Makeover

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