Take the Time to Do the Little Things

University Park Home
University Park Home

We are so busy doing this and doing that that we do not always take the time to look at the little things that may need doing.

I am so busy sometimes that I do not always get a chance to clean my home and garden the way I would like to. Today, as I sat down at my bed to look at something, I had to put on my glasses. I was horrified to not only see more clearly the thing I needed to see, but I saw how much dust had piled up on my sidetable! It made me stop and think what else I may be overlooking in all my daily rush.

We put off SO many things, promising to ourselves that we will get to that tomorrow. But we do not always get to it, and before you know it, those little things may turn out to be big things. Then they will JUMP out at you and get your attention!

So whatever that little thing is you may be overlooking, take a moment and do it. Give yourself a pat on the back. Call your mom or your dad. Give your kid or your friend a hug for no reason. Toss or recycle that stack of papers you really don’t need. Donate those old items accumulating in the garage. Stop and look up at the beautiful sky. You will be glad you did as you head back into that busy schedule. Have a great day!

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