Home Staging Is So Important!

Home StagingYour home may be nicely updated with all the right features, but if it lacks warmth or appeal – something that the right staging can accomplish – it may not fully “turn on” all buyers. That is where my home staging comes in.

You don’t have to really spend a lot of money (unless you want to) to add this warmth and appeal to your home. Just moving around some furniture, removing unessential pieces, adding light to dark areas, adding life with plants and removing clutter are all easy fixes. The goal is to get as many buyers as possible to see themselves living there, and REALLY wanting to live there!

You want them to fall in love with your big family room with a fireplace. You want them to enjoy the view from the master bedroom. You want them to see themselves spending a lot of time in the big kitchen with lots of counter space. This means you have to get them to focus on the good points of your home (probably the very things that you love about it). So you need to remove anything that can distract or detract them from seeing these great features PLUS you should add some “pointers” that highlight these nice aspects of the home.

In the kitchen above, you can see it is nicely updated with granite, travertine and refinished cabinetry. It is a spacious, well-lit space. But it was a little cold and neutral. I wanted to invite folks in. So I chose red to add some excitement and beauty and some living green to add life. Plus a few kitchen accouterments to make it look like a chef could get along fine in this kitchen. Not a lot, but the difference is huge! This would work in a kitchen without all the upgrades, too! Just keep it simple and neutral; does not have to be fancy.

Village Creek Kitchen Remodeled
Here is another example of a remodeled kitchen (same floor plan) with more light and life and pops of red to illicit more emotion.


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