Finding Just the Right Home

Lovely CondoI have been helping one of my clients find a home for a few months, and we have seen a LOT of homes. Old, new, nicely updated, a couple of fixers, you name it. All had nice qualities and all had many features she liked, but none were ideal enough for her to write the deposit check.

She finally turned to me and said, “Jackie, can you just tell me what to buy?” I told her I could not tell her what to buy, but I could tell her how to determine what to buy.

I told her to focus on her must-haves, to try to only focus on homes that had the most of these must-haves and to make sure the home suits her current lifestyle NOW so she can be happy NOW; to not overly worry about the future 5-10 years from now. And lastly she needed to FEEL right in the home. She had to be able to picture herself in the home, and it had to FEEL like home to her according to her own definition of home and not her neighbor’s or friend’s definition of home.

She is now under contract in a home that has the most must-haves on her list. When she walked in, she immediately said, “This is ideal. I think this is the one!” It was pretty much her first impression. This type of response to a home is a good indicator that you will be happy there, and that it will be a good choice.

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