Be Real

Be Real When Buying and Selling Real EstateThere are so many variables in real estate. What can you afford, how big a home you need, what is actually available in the area you desire, and what kind of hoops you have to jump through or are willing to jump through to get what you need.
This is why you really need to do your homework before you go out looking. You need to get some hard and fast numbers in hand, analyze real data and know your limits. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for some real disappointment. If all you can afford is a $500,000 home, you probably won’t be able to get something that is valued at $700,000. If you need five bedrooms, you may not be able to find one that has all five on one level if you also want a single level home. If you have some credit issues, you probably won’t be able to get the best interest rate.
You need to be honest with yourself about the realities of the current housing market. You probably don’t have a lot of options as a buyer in the lower end of the price range, so be prepared to compromise or be prepared to be disappointed. If you are a seller and overprice your home now, be prepared to have your home sit on the market longer than homes priced at market value, even in today’s hot seller’s market. Nothing is wrong with hoping, trying and thinking positive, but it may not get you all the way there.
So be real. That way you are more likely to get the real results you want.

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