When Fear Pushes You, Push Back!

Never Give UpI did not come up with that headline, but I do try to practice it when I can! It is an attitude that is not specific to real estate, but can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Right now with home prices rising, the real possibility of interest rates going up some time this year, home inventory slow to increase and all the regular stress of buying and selling, being fearless when moving forward with your home sale or purchase is a MUST!

A great way of pushing back is knowing what you want and knowing what you do not want and knowing when you can be flexible. Do you have to have 4 bedrooms? Do you have to have a remodeled kitchen? Do you have to live in a certain city? Do you have to have a specific amount of cash due back to you at close of escrow? Can you allow a seller to stay in the home for a while after close of escrow? Can you pay a little more for the home now rather than a lot more a few months from now? Fear really comes from not knowing the answer and not knowing the outcome.

So try to guide the outcome in your direction by working with and being flexible with the variables when you can and sticking to your guns when you must. Push back at fear by prioritizing, by being clear about what you want and by letting some things go in order to get the big plum that you truly want.

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