Fun with Remodels

It is fun when I get to see what my buyers do with their homes after they move in to them. Not all purchases are in turnkey updated condition. Sometimes it is best to purchase a home that needs some updating, especially if you can’t find a turnkey home in your target area and at your price point.

If you view a lot of properties, you can get a sense of what sort of upgrades or remodel can work with a specific floor plan. Once you move in, you can re-do to your heart’s content! To save money, you can do some of the work yourself if you are at all handy. Doing it yourself can help you feel more invested in the home and can be a great source of pride.

A remodel can also be a great learning experience. You may have to deal with several contractors, a few mishaps and some disappointments. But this is not such  bad thing. You gain experience and confidence through a few blunders, and hopefully they will not be too costly. And sometimes there can be happy accidents that turn out well design-wise as well as with your pocketbook.

Have fun and happy remodeling!

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