The Smell of Success

20120802-161738.jpgWhen putting your home on the market for sale, most folks know to tidy up, de-clutter and do some staging. But your home should not only be visually pleasing but also pleasing to the other senses. If you have pets or cook a lot of fish or other strong-smelling dishes, you may also want to think about how your home appeals to a potential buyer’s sense of smell.
If you have pets, make sure they have clean litter and clean food dishes to reduce odors. Clean a fish tank of algae and other debris. In the kitchen, thoroughly clean the stove, oven and microwave. Use an appropriate cleansing agent in the dishwasher and in the garbage disposal. Clean vents and vent screens. Bathrooms can also have lingering odors. A thorough cleansing is important so as not to turn up noses and turn off buyers.
I like to go a step further once all these odor hot spots are addressed. I like to use a few plug-in air fresheners throughout the home to give off a clean scent. I don’t like anything heavy; I prefer a fresh scent like rain, or clean sheets or something along those lines. These scents draw people in and help them to relax and feel at home…..which is the whole idea.

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