Your Realtor…What Do You Expect?

happy customersAs a realtor, I speak with and meet a lot of people; people who need help in some way or another.  They may want to sell their home, buy a home, have questions about financing or leasing or any number of things. They look to me, as a professional real estate agent, for answers and guidance. They want to get good answers, good service and the best value for their money….just like most consumers. And I do my best to deliver.

A person may want to sell, and they may not have sold in many years. I need to let them know what to expect from today’s buyers and inform them of current market trends so they can make good decisions. They may need to make their first home purchase. I better be ready to spend a lot time informing and guiding them so they have their most pressing questions answered and so they feel comfortable with their purchase.  If I do not have an answer right off the bat for any buyer or seller, I better be able to know where to look to immediately get them the info. And if it is a tax or legal questions, I better not give them my advice since I am not a CPA or a lawyer.

All agents have access to the listings and many can show you a home, but I better be ready to write a good offer for you, one that gets accepted and one that protects your interests.  Most agents can list your home for sale, but if I want to grow my business, I better market it aggressively and spend a lot of time, energy and money upfront (as necessary) to put the home’s best foot forward to produce the best results. And in all these cases, I am ready to go above and beyond and have done so in the past.

With the plethora of home improvement shows, consumers are better educated and have an idea of what to expect and have higher expectations than they used to. Real estate consumers expect a lot, so I better deliver a lot.  And I am happy to do so 🙂

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